Friday, November 2, 2012

Pinwheel sweater of success!

Nothing feels as satisfying a long long overdue knitting project! I started this sweater October 9th of 2011 and finished it the 19th of this October. Frankly, knitting all those rounds and rounds and rounds is BORING!

I used Red Heart Soft and Hobby Lobby I love this yarn for contrast, which means it's 100% acrylic, not my favorite and something I try to stay away from more and more but I think it's okay for this, a warm sweater to wear around the house.

I really really hate the pooling on the upper arms, wish I'd switched between two skeins or something but no way I'm going back! I had...issues with the fitting. The sleeve position is too far apart, my shoulders are apparently not that wide despite trying to be diligent about this.

For closure I crocheted some loops and used assorted buttons. There's actually another loop and two hidden buttons near the bottom to hold it together some  more.

I'm not totally thrilled with it but it's finished and that's all the success I need!