Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'm finally back into my knitting grove. Nothing finished but I'm making good headway on my Pumpkin-Wheat sweater and I'm almost done with my dashings. Here they are all nice and neat in their basket. I find a basket is the best way to store my WIPS, plus it looks cute.

In non-knitting news my favorite show on TV right now is Pushing Daisies. It's fresh, funny, smart, and really well written, not to mention Emerson the detective knits. Sadly since the writer's strike and many months off plus a lack of publicity for the show means the ratings are really low right now. Please visit the petition and sign Along with signing the petition I decided that writing some letters would be good. So I typed up a whole page pleading with all these different people from ABC and the affiliates to keep Pushing Daisies and to give it a better chance of succeeding. When I was printing them all out I realized that we don't have envelopes. So I pulled out some colored paper and made my own. I drew a (really bad) bee on the front saying "Bzzz Save the Pie Hole" and put the letter inside along with some honey packets (if you haven't seen PD Chuck harvests honey and the show kinda has a whole bee theme). I plan to mail them off tomorrow and I'm crossing my fingers they get there before it gets canceled.

I also decided that my yarn was just too cramped under my bed in bags and boxes. I picked up this hanging storage thing for $2 and Joannes a few weeks ago and finally got around to rearranging my closet. I'm really happy with it and also think it's funny how much of my closet my yarn takes up now.

Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm no longer a thrower!

So for the longest time I couldn't understand why so many knitters preferred continental instead of english. For the past 6 years that I've been knitting I've thrown. Then I read so many knitters who thought it taboo and thought I was doing it all wrong but just couldn't seem to get the hang on any other style. Throwing worked and I could do it while watching tv etc so I figured it would be my little secret. Then I started to notice singing pain in my left elbow when I knit for too long, just figuring this was a side effect of my craft. Every once in a while I would try continental just because it looks so elegant.
A few weeks ago I thought I'd give it one last try because throwing was putting alot of stress on my elbow and my fingers. I watched a few videos on continental and finally discovered I wasn't doing it right. A few evenings of stumbling through a few stitches of english mixed with a few stitches of continental it just clicked. Then I found the best way to keep my tension and off I went. It started out slow but gradually got faster and more precise. Watching The Office tonight I realized that I was watching the screen while I knit continental! Success! The best part is it's faster AND causes alot less stress on my joints. I'm so excited I want to knit all night but sadly I'm beat and need my beauty sleep.
PS: Halloween was awesome but I spent so much time making costumes (mine, my roommate's, my boyfriend's, his friend's) that I went almost a week without any knitting. I missed it but I'm back in the saddle. Costume pics once I get a good pic of the awesome Dr. Horrible costume and upload all the pics!