Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Inspirations: New project ideas

Sorry I haven't been around much lately. I'm in the midst of moving and between that and classes I've had zero free time. I'm taking a break from packing though and thought I'd put together a quick friday inspo post. I'm lucky enough to have enough space in my new place to have a craft closet, something I've been dreaming of for a while. So I thought I'd browse modcloth and find some inspiration for new projects, that is once my printmaking class is over!
I made one of these a while ago out of an old blue shirt. I think it's about time I made some more!

I love the simplicity of this laptop bag. That's something I need but I think I could make one just as easily as I could buy one. And save money too!

I've been having a lot of fun in my printmaking class and I'd love to make some totes from my woodblock prints! I love the simplicity of this tote.

I love this! I think I might have an old bandanna lying around the house, maybe I should copy and make some of these myself.

I love these little bows. They're meant for shoes but as you might have guessed I've got a thing for hair accessories!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer Storms

Last night we had a really violent thunderstorm. My camera is waterproof and I wasn't that worried about getting wet so I stood outside under the little overhang of the house and took some pictures. Actually I took alot but in my opinion it was well worth it because I got some really good ones.

The crazy storm as it was rolling in. It was like a wall of clouds followed by BLACK!

My camera does some really interesting things with the night setting.

Here's me capturing a before and during a lightning bolt, the thunder actually made me jump even though I knew it was coming, it was just SO loud!

It was pretty crazy and at one point I saw a giant green flash followed by orange light behind the trees and sirens, I'm still trying to figure out what happened. I love thunderstorms!

♥ Freckled Crafter

Friday, June 18, 2010

Where I jot down my ideas

I thought I'd go ahead and share my pile of pens, sketchbook, and planner I carry around with me. I actually just finished the pencil pouch last weekend! It was quick, easy, and fun. Now looking at it my button eyes kind of make Shaun look like he's dead, ah well, cut either way. It's all stash yarn and fabric, the zipper was my only purchase...which I must say looks fantastic! Best zipper instillation I've ever done.

And here's some notes etc from my sketchbook. The first two are ideas, inspiration, and notes for my printmaking class. I need to work on some ideas for next week, we're doing etching! On the far right is my silly little sketch of my femme!eleventh Doctor.

♥ Freckled Crafter

In my purse

I thought I'd try something new and show off my latest purse I made in the process. Some people get really into these and if you do a google search you'll find tons of 'in my purse' type groups and sites. I'm not one to label everything and show you all the content of every pocket but here's what it looked like when I dumped it all out, no wonder my shoulder hurts sometimes!

I'm trying out a new editor for pictures and it's been a lot of fun, especially for things like this. The outer fabric I'd chosen a while back and was waiting for this project. I had it all set up in my mind and finally got a chance to make it a few weeks ago. I quilted the outer fabric with a layer of fleece and in the handles added extra support of canvas. The interior is a sushi pattern I've had for years, the bag kind of reminds me of my art history class last semester on women in Japan, I think that's where I got the inspiration. It's really comfy to wear and fits an amazing amount of stuff!
Of course I had to make a matching wallet, for this I tried out my embroidery skills which aren't perfect by any means but it was a lot of fun. The hardest part was figuring exactly how to sew all the inside pieces together so no raw edges would show. I'm pretty proud of it despite the millions of mistakes.

I look at it as a learning process, as I do for everything else I make. It may not be perfect but I've learned something that I can apply next time to make it better. I'm anything but a perfectionist!

More stuff I tote around daily later,
♥ Freckled Crafter

Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Inspirations: Pride and Prejudice

I've been watching Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice this past week while working on a test knit that's due today. I admit I love the story but I love the clothes ten times more. I love regency style dresses and have always wanted my own wardrobe of them. I tend to think I'd look good in them considering I'm rather well blessed in the chest department and the style makes it look fantastic without overemphasizing.

Oh Lizzy, those fabrics are just divine!

And how about Giselle's dress made from curtains? Love dem bright colors!

That green is divine!

I actually own this pattern and some pretty blue/purple fabric with a slight flower pattern. Maybe it's about time I get around to making it. It's the kind of dress you MAKE an occasion for!

More later, I've got pics to share from yesterday!
♥ Freckled Crafter

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Something Yummy...

Yesterday I made cookies for my man to congratulate his first day of his first job post graduation. I'm so proud of him!
oatmeal raisin cookiesFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

oatmeal raisin cookies by freckledcraftster on

Work in Progress: Tyrolean Stockings

Hey there everyone! Hope your tuesday is going well. I've been knitting and painting a skirt for a cosplay on thursday but thought I'd take a break to share one of my works in progress which I'm quite proud of.

These Tyrolean Stockings from Interweave Knits have really cured my need for cables and socks all in one project. Technically I started them about six months ago but I picked them back up a few weeks ago and finished the first sock. I'm about two inches into the second one. As only my third fourth ever completed sock these are my first experience with top down and I've gotta say, I really enjoy toe up much more. That's okay though cause these will be some great winter socks for boots, probably layered over stockings with skirts, one of my favorite winter styles.

In other news my little garden of sorts is doing quite well! These pictures are actually a week or two old so things are MUCH bigger now, sadly it's rainy out and thus I'm not in the mood for pictures.

This is my little windowsill garden of mint, chamomile, and basil. I think I'm going to eventually add to this with maybe some rosemary and whatever else tickles my fancy for a year long herb garden right in my kitchen window!

Here's my balcony garden of green beans, peppers, and spinach (in old milk cartons no less!). Since then the peppers and beans have doubled in size and I've added cucumber. If it clears up anytime soon I'll plant some more beans.

One issue I'm having with my outdoor balcony garden is bugs. They've been taking GIANT chunks out of the leaves and I have no idea what to do! A little research needs to be done cause I really want to avoid chemicals or anything that is going to cost a lot of money (the whole point of this endeavor being to save money).

Back later most likely with other fun things, I've still got tons to share!
♥ Freckled Crafter

Monday, June 7, 2010

New Banner!

I still love the old banner but I wanted something more summery. I took this picture last February while at my cousin's wedding and have always thought it's the perfect spot to knit.

And here's the original shot. I kinda added my own pillow over the upside down one that always bothered me. I just wish I knew how to fade it into the background a little better.

So what do you think of my new layout?
♥ Freckled Crafter

Etsy Treasuries

I just wanted to quickly update with a treasury I'm currently in on Etsy.

I admit I've been letting my etsy shop GallifreyKeepsakes go vacant for quite a while. I've got some new fun stuff I've never shown that I need to post but taking pictures is always the worst part in my opinion and that's what needs to be done. Anyways I'm going to take this as a push to get my shop set up and working hard again. I've even had ideas for new products which I need to work on.

Back later with a finished project!
♥ Freckled Craftster

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Finished Project: Boomtown Carpet Bag

A few months ago I decided that I finally wanted to learn how to make granny squares. I've always wanted to be able to make them since I think they can be really cute and kitschy in the right project. So I sat down with some rum, leftover yarn from a scarf, my mom's old crochet hook, and youtube crochet tutorials. I'm left handed so crochet has always been a little awkward for me. Before we moved into the current apartment I made some wonky crocheted circles out of wool which I then felted and sewed some patches on to hide all the wrong stitches.

In about a week I had crocheted up seventeen squares and used up all the leftover yarn. Unsure what to do with them they went into a shopping bag and buried in my craft trunk. I finally decided a few weeks ago that I wanted a big bag for my current projects.

I then had to teach myself how to crochet the squares together, I'm pretty sure I did it wrong but I'm not too worried. A pair of handles, some plastic cross stitch sheets, and some fabric from the stash and a few hours and I had a new bag for my knitting!

It doesn't have any type of closure but it stays together pretty well. I like being able to grab stuff out of it on a whim.

I also love how perfectly it holds magazines and patterns. Last weekend I even put my current book I'm reading in it.

This is about what it looks like with all my stuff. Not too organized but I have everything I need, all my current projects in one tidy place. It's large enough I could even have a sweater project stored in here.

  • Right now I've got a finished pair of socks to show off to my knitting group tomorrow.
  • My knee high stockings, one is done and the other is about two inches in.
  • Knitpicks Time Traveler sock yarn, for my upcoming nerdy socks.
  • The second skein for the test knit gloves I'm knitting for a friend (they'd be in there too but I was knitting them :P ).
  • One finished sock to the pair I'm making on a whim without a pattern.
  • Various needles scattered on the bottom and magazines and patterns for all my projects.
So holds ALOT XD

Hope everyone's weekends are being productive, I made a new nerdy bag today I'll show off soon.

♥ Freckled Crafter