Saturday, December 1, 2012

John Watson's Cabled Sweater of Warmth

I've always loved the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes but in recent years with the explosion of Sherlock in the media I've read all the stories over again and have become in specific a huge fan of BBC's Sherlock. In particular I love Martin Freeman's Watson.

As a knitter and costumer I'm always noticing what characters are wearing and from the very first moment I loved Watson's sweater he wears in the first episode. I've also always wanted to knit a wool cabled sweater and there just happened to be a pattern on ravelry so I decided it was about time!

 The pattern is really more of a collaborative set of guidelines  at times this made it harder to sort out but it lent for a lot of room for alterations. In particular I added some shaping in the waist and bust so it didn't look like a big sack, it still isn't the most figure flattering but I find it's very hard to do that with cables, at least for those of us with a bit of curves.

 I'd call this finished sweater a total success! I wore is to the friday of Chicago TARDIS and even got recognized a few times!

Till next time,
TheFreckled Crafter