Friday, September 4, 2015

Travel Knitting: tips and tricks

For those who don't know I really love travel. Seeing new places, learning new things, meeting new people, it's all what makes life worth living. So naturally when knitting is a daily necessity I've done a lot of travel knitting. It's almost like a souvenir of it's own. 
Sometimes it's as simple as a pair of socks or a shawl for a car trip. You'd be amazed how much knitting you can accomplish when you knit while the passenger. These socks were actually for mother's day and Here I am finishing up the ribbing on the way to their house.
If it's a longer trip I like to take multiple projects. A small project, such as a pair of socks, which you can knit just about anywhere and fit in your purse. I also like a medium project such as a shawl for longer periods of time, such as the flight or while relaxing in after a day of experiences.

The other tip I find very important is packing. I good project bag with room for your project and any notions (maybe skip the scissors if flying though) you need for that project. Keep it light and as small as possible. If there's extra yarn you MAY need pack it in your suitcase, no sense in lugging it around. A bag for your project will keep it clean and separated from all the other travel needs. Bonus: for car travel a project bag means you can throw it on the back seat.

 Most important of all work on that knitting in public. I know lots of people are nervous but never mind those muggles, get on with your bad knitting self!