Thursday, February 26, 2009

Secret Projects and Convention Lust

I was upset but ok with the fact I couldn't go to Gallifrey One, I had gotten over it because I knew I'd be in my cousin's wedding, who I had not seen in two years. I'd gotten over it and accepted it. Then I started seeing people's pictures. I'm so jealous! I miss dressing up and being a nerd with hundreds of others just as nerdy, or even moreso than I. My jealousy has lead me to start a few projects:

I'm back in full swing of working on my Doctor Who costumes. Current project is five and his sweater, which I am designing and knitting up myself. Bad Wolf is what I wrote inside my fake glasses I bought with birthday money for both my 5 and 10 cosplay. Totally got them at Claire's, haha. Back to working on my Doomsday wristwarmers! Almost done with the first actually, might try and write up a pattern with the second one. As for baby Tardis, Jayne hats, and Sonic Screwdrivers? You'll just have to wait and see, I have something really big for everyone in March!
And because today was awful and rainy:
Soooooooooooooooo scenester! It kinda makes me hate myself.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Quick update: I couldn't figure out why comments weren't showing up and people couldn't post new ones but I finally figured it out! So sorry if you wanted to comment on the last two posts, it's possible now! Also I'm messing around with the layout so tell me what you think. I'm not sure I like it right now but I don't know what to do.

Off to go make some sweet and sour chicken :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Some relaxing time on the beach

Our condo this past weekend was right on the beach in Fernadina, FL. Overall in the trip I didn't get as much knitting done as I wanted but what I did was very relaxing, about an hour and a half on my birthday all to myself, my yarn, tea, and a great view of the ocean. Here's some delightful pictures I snapped of the time away from everyone and everything:

The wedding was great too. My cousin was so beautiful and her husband is so sweet. I cried as I knew I would. I mean I've known her for almost 21 years. Now I'm just bitter we don't share the last name. I'll post more pics of my trip later :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sixty Degrees of Perfection

Does this mean summer is here? I wish...
PS: This photo is totally from 2004.

Edited to add some pretties for inspiration

Saturday, February 7, 2009

No title?! I couldn't think of one thus this entry doesn't get one, ha!

I've been working on my Textured Tunic with Side Buttons and my Linen Stitch Blanket almost exclusively lately. I've been really busy but it still seems like I've gotten pretty far on my sweater. I'm almost done with the body and then on to the sleeves. Hopefully by the time I come back from Florida (next week, for my cousin's wedding) I'll have it done and ready to show off. I've always been to scared to bring knitting on the plane due to horror stories of needles being taken away but it seems to not really be a problem any more. I think I'll have even less trouble since they're circular but does anyone know if metal needles are ever taken away these days? I'd just hate to lose my size10 tips.

This would be my basket full of the six yarns I'm using to make this blanket.

I love how the linen stitch is so easy but looks sooo diffrent on either side. I really wish you could feel how dense it is. It's squishy and soft and will be oh so warm!

The first picture shows the color really well and the second shows the length. Sorry about the flesh, I wanted to try it on with a tank top underneath but I really need to do laundry, haha. I'm not the biggest fan of how this yarn (Paton's SWS) gets little...furry. It totally makes up for it in drape though. With a good wash and blocking it'll fit great. Which by the way there's nothing fitted about this sweater. Some people complained about this but really I like it because it means I can try it on as I go and just add shaping where I want it. As roommate said it's boobalicious, haha.