Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm no longer a thrower!

So for the longest time I couldn't understand why so many knitters preferred continental instead of english. For the past 6 years that I've been knitting I've thrown. Then I read so many knitters who thought it taboo and thought I was doing it all wrong but just couldn't seem to get the hang on any other style. Throwing worked and I could do it while watching tv etc so I figured it would be my little secret. Then I started to notice singing pain in my left elbow when I knit for too long, just figuring this was a side effect of my craft. Every once in a while I would try continental just because it looks so elegant.
A few weeks ago I thought I'd give it one last try because throwing was putting alot of stress on my elbow and my fingers. I watched a few videos on continental and finally discovered I wasn't doing it right. A few evenings of stumbling through a few stitches of english mixed with a few stitches of continental it just clicked. Then I found the best way to keep my tension and off I went. It started out slow but gradually got faster and more precise. Watching The Office tonight I realized that I was watching the screen while I knit continental! Success! The best part is it's faster AND causes alot less stress on my joints. I'm so excited I want to knit all night but sadly I'm beat and need my beauty sleep.
PS: Halloween was awesome but I spent so much time making costumes (mine, my roommate's, my boyfriend's, his friend's) that I went almost a week without any knitting. I missed it but I'm back in the saddle. Costume pics once I get a good pic of the awesome Dr. Horrible costume and upload all the pics!

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