Friday, August 14, 2009

Making our apartment home

So last month I moved into a new apartment. I'm in the same complex but I now have a balcony and some extra space, it's alot nicer and I'm gonna be living with my boyfriend. We were going to originally buy a couch until a family friend offered one for free. It's pretty worn but looks soooo much better since Matt cleaned it really well. I wanted to make some pillows to make it a little nicer and more personal.

The boy actually helped pick out these fabrics :)

These are fabrics are from my stash, the green is a really soft fleece. The long one doesn't look even but it is, I swear, my camera just likes to tell lies!
I also made a few coasters from some of my first attempts at crochet. I lightly felted them and then sewed on fabric leftover from the pillows!

Here's my bookshelf in the living room. I feel kinda bad it's all my books and stuff but truthfully I don't think Matt will care at all. If I had to show people one thing that described me it would prolly be this bookshelf.
Lastly I wanna show you what puts a smile on my face every morning, there's no way you can't smile while looking at this shower curtain:

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  1. I just got the same bookshelf this weekend!
    Love the shower curtain.