Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Still puffing away, a blanket saga

I've been knitting away on my little hexipuffs! I knit them whenever I can and they're so portable I can pull them out and take up on room. Recently I've been knitting them at work between cleaning and working with clients.

Yesterday I even knit one at my mom's studio for a bit. I'm currently knitting puff number 32, which brings my daily puff count to two. Some days I don't finish a single puff and some days I knit four or more. If I average two a day for a year I'll be well on my way to a kingsize quilt! I'd also like to make some couch cushions eventually, possibly out of a worsted weight or even thicker for some really large puffs!

I've also started to join some of them together, creating a little puff pad! I'm using some leftover grey laceweight. I'm seaming them all along the sides, unlike Stephanie's, so that there's no holes for fingers or toes to pop through.

I'm totally smitten!

♥ Freckled Crafter


  1. I love them! You seem very happy with life right now. When will we see you again?

  2. those are so cute! its going to look so good when its done! :)

  3. How lovely! I'd love to see the finished result :)
    - Regards from your fellow Swampy, Danielle!!