Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Freckled Crafts is a BIG way!

For months I have been wanting to do so much more with Freckled Crafts than I ever had before. Freckled Crafts has changed so much over time.
my first logo, hand drawn and scanned...I am certainly not the next Picasso
 It started just as a blog which at times was totally neglected I admit. Sometime after that I started an etsy with the same name. I wanted to try my hand at selling little handmade things. With no clear mission I sold little Doctor Who jewelry, stitch markers, and little sewn purses and bags.
As you may have guessed with no clear goal or idea of what I wanted to do I was never terribly successful. Eventually this too fell by the wayside. I was a sometimes blogger with an etsy of two or three items. But I was busy with school and work and life.
the person who has given me strength and support through it all
 Life changed. I finished school, I got married, and I got older. I began sewing up my own cute project bags for my knitting (a constant companion through it all). I saw others were selling project bags and thought maybe I had something to offer to this community. I made my first project bags for sale a year ago and I had lots of fun selling these little boxy project bags.
The original bags, many of which I'm still making!

 I met lots of great people through ravelry, instagram, and my new knitting group. I was working at a job that was fun but certainly did not pay what I deserved and I learned an important lesson of just how awful corporations can be. I had a longing to take Freckled Crafts to the next level but time and everyday stress left me tired and without the passion to move forward. I was complacent.

Last week a wonderful thing happened. I was fired! It was a totally stupid reason, an asinine way for the new management to assert their power. Just another drop in the bucket of why corporations can suck. But I realized very soon after the fact (as in as I was walking out the door) that I was free and now I had nothing holding me back from following my dream.

So now I am here, organizing how I want to run Freckled Crafts and what exactly I want it to be. I'm back to blogging, I updated, added new project bags to the shop, and I'm excited to finally start podcasting (seriously I've been yearning to make video podcasts for over a year!!!).
Do my new photos make you want to sit down and knit with me? I hope so!

So all of this is to say Freckled Crafts is back in a BIG way! I want to be a more active part of the knitting community and really see what my creative side can do when it gets free reign. So I hope you'll join me in this exciting journey and hopefully what will be an extremely fulfilling chapter of my life.

See you all soon,


  1. You always make me want to craft stuff! Your socks are what made me finally try knitting with circular needles which has been a blast! One day when I have more time I'll have so many ideas to try thanks to your posts. :)

  2. Best of luck on your new path!