Friday, December 12, 2008

Twilight Mittens and a month off with nothing to do

Walking around Dekalb without mittens you're just asking for frostbite. I had a pair of mittens but to tell you the truth they just were not that warm and nothing even close to cute or stylish.

Having read the Twilight series (I'm reading Breaking Dawin right now and for anyone who's read them what is your opinion? I'm about 1/2 through and ugh, she's pretty much ruined the series for me with "Renesmee") I naturally felt like I should see the movie, even though I had very low expectations. After watching it online I decided I wanted Bella's elbow length cable mittens. And here's where I love ravelry soooo much because I found a pattern someone had just made. It was perfect and lovely and I just had to make them. Half a skein of Red Heart later I had these beauties:

Yeah I know, cheap acrylic, most knitters are cringing right now. Really though? Who cares? I'm definatly not a yarn snob, I can't afford to be!

Break just started and since I don't have a job I need to fill all the time with something worthwhile. So I have a xmas break to do list going. It's getting pretty long but that's good, I need a list with check boxes to get myself in gear. You'll be happy to know that regularly updating this blog was pretty close to the top of the list. When I look at beautiful blogs ( such as this one I'm always inspired and wish I had something like that to look back at. Something updated regularly instead of once in a blue moon. I actually have alot planned, alot of things I wanna write about. Also I'd eventually like to be selling some small things and I think a good blog is some of the best press you can make for yourself. So look forward to some better posts coming up. Especially with my sewing machine here in the apartment. The possiblities are endless!


  1. Those mittens are so great! I am so going to make a pair for myself as soon as I get done with my Christmas Knitting. :)
    I can't wait to see what you do over break! If you ever want to get together and craft/sew, just let me know!

  2. Aw thanks Cassie! My roomie already wants a pair in purple, which I can't start till I finish sewing all the chirstmas pjs. I'd love to get together! I already promised a friend in Algonquin a thrift/craft day when I'm home for christmas :)