Sunday, December 14, 2008

Oma comes to the midwest

Last weekend my Oma came to visit. She lives in Florida (along with all the rest of my family, no joke) and likes to come visit about once a year around December. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't wanna live in Florida but one thing I do miss is seeing my Oma because she's such an amazing person. My mom, brother, and I (my dad is in Germany) picked her up from the airport and took her to lunch at her favorite restraunt in Barrington.
Now when I say my Oma is awesome I truly mean it. After one glass of wine she was making fun of people and we were all laughing hysterically. Then she told us a story about when she lived in Germany, before she married my Pops. One night the girls living above her were throwing a party, she went upstairs to tell them to be quiet and ended up dancing on a table. Then she told us about how she didn't have a christmas tree and my Pops cut down a little tree in protected forests for her, too funny. The best part was when she was telling me about how my great grandmother and great great grandmother (who spoke only German) used to knit socks and helmet warmers for soldiers during the war. She said that between the two of them they could make five pairs of socks a week.

Although my Oma doesn't knit she sews and when I was little she used to sew dressed for me and my American Dolls so we matched. I just think it's awesome to have those stories and know that my love of crafting and art is shared with generations of my ancestors. My grandfather was an expert printmaker and my mom is an artist. I used to not think creativity had anything to do with genes but I'm starting to think diffrently.

Here's a pic of my mom, oma, and I :)

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