Saturday, August 28, 2010

Children Need Art

A few weeks back while visiting my parents I took a few snapshots of my paintings around the house from when I was a child. My mom is a painter so our house has always been full of original work, either by her people she knows or my brother and I. I can remember every birthday my mom would plan out some type of art project for me and my friends to do. She also wrote an art program for my school and I can remember her coming and teaching my class about art once a month.
All these things mean that I was completely immersed in art as a child, I learned from a young age that it's an important way to express yourself and feel good. I have struggled with whether or not I'm an artist for as long as I can remember. I'm finally starting to see that maybe I am.

This one is of the cat I had as a child, although I never remember her being quite this cute!

I love this one, always have! My mom was testing an idea for her volunteer art program so we went and cut our own reeds and ground up charcoal. We tested a bunch of things and tried to make it as realistic to how Ancient Egyptians worked as possible. I always LOVED Ancient Egypt and am actually taking a class on it this semseter!

This was when we tried out printmaking, which actually worked in my favor this summer when I took printmaking. I already understood woodblock printing:

In another life I'd do art-ed because every child deserves to learn about art! I can't even imagine where I'd be if I hadn't, it's determined my entire life!

Anyone else have some good childhood stories about art? I LOVE hearing about people being exposed to art when they were young.

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  1. Hi, me again,
    when I was a child (between 5 and 9 years old) my father, who was a journalist, always bring home his huge "movie" camera. And I always played with it. I don't know if it was art, I remember only the joy of touching all the buttons, and see again and again what I filmed 5 minutes earlier. But in the end, I want to be a director, my parents gived me my own camescope at the age of 10, and now that I'm 20, I study cinema, doing films with my new huge movie camera. I don't thinks that make me an artist, but when I see my earlier "films" when I was ten for instance, I see the resemblance with the ones I do now. There's something in the editing, in the way of filming my scenes, that I inherited from my childhood experience. I think cinema is an art that can really transport children's dream, because it kinds of bring together all sorts of arts (drawing, music, theatre, even sculture and so on).
    This year, I'm gonna teach some kids to make a movie and I hope I'll help them to open out.

    Sorry again for the quality of my english, I'm just a french student :)
    hope you don't mind that I post comments on your blog,
    have a nice day, best regards.

  2. Sometimes I come on here and read your blogs and today I went back and read the older ones I missed before!
    When I was younger my grandma taught me how to crochet and my grandpa used to make wood carvings with his tools so I could paint them. I think they make me the most interested in art out of anyone in my family.
    My dad definitely got me more interested in music as an artform :)