Sunday, August 29, 2010

A lazy weekend

It's been a lazy yet productive weekend around here. Feels like the first weekend in over a month I've had a chance to relax and didn't have to drive anywhere (well except knitting tonight). So here's a abridged story of my weekend:

Reading and enjoying the weather. I've got tons of reading for my classes so I'll be reading a lot this semester but luckly the subjects are all quite interesting. It's been really nice outside too, I get good shade from the tree outside my window and an extra chair for my drink and books.

Brewing sun tea is a must!!! My mom gave me some tea bags specifically for iced tea, one bag makes a whole pitcher! And don't forget the lemon slice!

My friend and knitwear designer Beth Wolden is responsible for my new knit, a pair of sheep mittens! It's extra fun cause we're doing it as a knitting group. Sadly my gauge is way off when I do stranding so I'll have to pick up smaller needles soon, and all this has to be ripped out *tear*

And while discussing an idea this morning with some friends I made a few hairclips for the shop. They're made from a jacket I took apart with my brother recently for his costume for comic con. One has the zipper attached in the middle and the other has a bright button, I think they're sweet :D
Now I'm off to finish my reading for monday and knit group later, hope your weekend is equally relaxing.
♥ Freckled Crafter

PS: The ice cream truck just went by playing Halloween and Christmas toons :P

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