Thursday, October 14, 2010

Study Mitts

When I'm super stressed with school I tend to find myself knitting in every spare moment. It eases my mind and give my hands something to do for a bit, all the frustration going out through my fingers. So with midterms in full force I picked up some yarn my friend gave me recently (my SnB is awesome!) and started knitting. All I knew was I wanted something small and easy so I started swatching. Three days later and I had these:

Sometimes my favorite thing to knit is something quick, simple, and straight from my mind.

♥ Freckled Crafts


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you were able to use it!

  2. I love how you did the cuffs and color transition. It looks lovely.

  3. Yes, I agree, the cuffs are super cool. Nice "off the cuff" design ;)

  4. So cute!

    P.S. I'm giving away a sweet little headband. Feel free to stop by and enter!