Sunday, March 8, 2015

Come along spring! New art inspired project bags in the shop.

I was overwhelmingly excited when I found this fabric. A black background with windows of color, all feeling very springy which is just what I've been yearning for in this extended winter. Each window featured a different Claude Monet inspired image. My art history heart started beating faster as I grabbed it as fast as I could! I knew EXACTLY what it would be!

I took each window, fussy cut it, and sewed strips of black fabric around each window. I then cut a back, handle, and made them into project bags. Honestly I think the sky is the limit with these bags as to what you could use them for!


Monet's Japanese Bridge

Field in Spring

Poppy Field

Sailbots at Argenteuil
Spring Blossoms
The photo of each bag will take you to the corresponding listing in my shop or feel free to just head on over to the shop! 

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