Saturday, February 7, 2009

No title?! I couldn't think of one thus this entry doesn't get one, ha!

I've been working on my Textured Tunic with Side Buttons and my Linen Stitch Blanket almost exclusively lately. I've been really busy but it still seems like I've gotten pretty far on my sweater. I'm almost done with the body and then on to the sleeves. Hopefully by the time I come back from Florida (next week, for my cousin's wedding) I'll have it done and ready to show off. I've always been to scared to bring knitting on the plane due to horror stories of needles being taken away but it seems to not really be a problem any more. I think I'll have even less trouble since they're circular but does anyone know if metal needles are ever taken away these days? I'd just hate to lose my size10 tips.

This would be my basket full of the six yarns I'm using to make this blanket.

I love how the linen stitch is so easy but looks sooo diffrent on either side. I really wish you could feel how dense it is. It's squishy and soft and will be oh so warm!

The first picture shows the color really well and the second shows the length. Sorry about the flesh, I wanted to try it on with a tank top underneath but I really need to do laundry, haha. I'm not the biggest fan of how this yarn (Paton's SWS) gets little...furry. It totally makes up for it in drape though. With a good wash and blocking it'll fit great. Which by the way there's nothing fitted about this sweater. Some people complained about this but really I like it because it means I can try it on as I go and just add shaping where I want it. As roommate said it's boobalicious, haha.


  1. Both projects look wonderful so far!! I just got the glamour knits book by japel as well, so if you want me to bring it to the next snb you go to, just let me know!

  2. Six yarns! I have crocheted with that many yarns but never knitted. It is a beautiful pattern.
    The sweater is coming out amazing and the color is great.