Thursday, February 26, 2009

Secret Projects and Convention Lust

I was upset but ok with the fact I couldn't go to Gallifrey One, I had gotten over it because I knew I'd be in my cousin's wedding, who I had not seen in two years. I'd gotten over it and accepted it. Then I started seeing people's pictures. I'm so jealous! I miss dressing up and being a nerd with hundreds of others just as nerdy, or even moreso than I. My jealousy has lead me to start a few projects:

I'm back in full swing of working on my Doctor Who costumes. Current project is five and his sweater, which I am designing and knitting up myself. Bad Wolf is what I wrote inside my fake glasses I bought with birthday money for both my 5 and 10 cosplay. Totally got them at Claire's, haha. Back to working on my Doomsday wristwarmers! Almost done with the first actually, might try and write up a pattern with the second one. As for baby Tardis, Jayne hats, and Sonic Screwdrivers? You'll just have to wait and see, I have something really big for everyone in March!
And because today was awful and rainy:
Soooooooooooooooo scenester! It kinda makes me hate myself.

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  1. I was wandering on the internet, searching for doctor who stuffs (more precisely I was looking for fifth's beautiful and sofistacate white shirt with the red question marks, that, of course, I didn't find) and I found your incredible blog. Just wanted to congratulates you on all the items you made, it's really beautiful (I was very impress by your K9 bag - I want the same ! - and fifth sweater).
    I'm a french 20 year old student so I hope you'll excuse the quality of my english.
    Have a nice day, and keep up the good work !

    P.S. : Oh, and if I may, you're very beautiful.