Monday, February 22, 2010

For a long time I've been using livejournal for blogging. In some ways it's convenient and accessible yet in other ways it's childish and informal. I find myself writing about things I don't necessarily wish the world to know, things that really deserve a place in my own private journal. I look through my friends list and see complaint upon complaint and really, that's not the legacy I wish to leave on the world. I much rather record and blog the positive things in my life, the creative things. I love looking at crafty blogs full of photos and inspiration and have tried in the past to create my own but have always specified my blog as a "fandom craft" blog. I love my fandoms and I really enjoy knitting and crafting things inspired by my fandoms. Yet I've been thinking lately, mostly during this past week and the ravelympics that I really don't want to segregate myself like that. I'd actually like to stray from the pointless fandom crafts and create beautiful items I'll use in everyday life, not that I don't do this now but this aspect is sadly lacking. I'd like to expand my horizons and become a notable crafter in my own right, not just because I enjoy crafting nerdy sci-fi things.

Also, more than just crafts I'd like to discuss interesting things I'm learning at the time, since I'm still in school as well as my exercise routine...or attempts.

Now that I've introduced myself it's just a matter of starting. I'm about 3 inches of my last sleeve away from finishing my February Lady Sweater, which I started soon after the olympics began, this is record timing for me, quite a challenge! Pictures and a more organized/personalized blog coming soon!

♥ Freckled Crafter

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