Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Work in Progress: Tyrolean Stockings

Hey there everyone! Hope your tuesday is going well. I've been knitting and painting a skirt for a cosplay on thursday but thought I'd take a break to share one of my works in progress which I'm quite proud of.

These Tyrolean Stockings from Interweave Knits have really cured my need for cables and socks all in one project. Technically I started them about six months ago but I picked them back up a few weeks ago and finished the first sock. I'm about two inches into the second one. As only my third fourth ever completed sock these are my first experience with top down and I've gotta say, I really enjoy toe up much more. That's okay though cause these will be some great winter socks for boots, probably layered over stockings with skirts, one of my favorite winter styles.

In other news my little garden of sorts is doing quite well! These pictures are actually a week or two old so things are MUCH bigger now, sadly it's rainy out and thus I'm not in the mood for pictures.

This is my little windowsill garden of mint, chamomile, and basil. I think I'm going to eventually add to this with maybe some rosemary and whatever else tickles my fancy for a year long herb garden right in my kitchen window!

Here's my balcony garden of green beans, peppers, and spinach (in old milk cartons no less!). Since then the peppers and beans have doubled in size and I've added cucumber. If it clears up anytime soon I'll plant some more beans.

One issue I'm having with my outdoor balcony garden is bugs. They've been taking GIANT chunks out of the leaves and I have no idea what to do! A little research needs to be done cause I really want to avoid chemicals or anything that is going to cost a lot of money (the whole point of this endeavor being to save money).

Back later most likely with other fun things, I've still got tons to share!
♥ Freckled Crafter


  1. May I suggest pyrethrin? Natural nontoxic repellant - it's a powder you sprinkle on the leaves. Available at Farm & Fleet or Lowe's/Menard's. Lay it on and see if it does any good!

  2. I've always admired this sock pattern. I don't have the patience for socks, so I'll never knit them, but yours are dreamy!

    xo Erin