Friday, April 16, 2010

First off I'd like to point out the new banner I just finished. I liked the old banner but it felt a little awkward and a little grainy. I knew I could do better! I went to (oh my gosh, I've got a serious obsession!) and started searching things I like or that inspire me and adding layers. The new banner makes me smile a lot, I feel as if it really expresses a lot of different aspects of me.

Yarn, thread, sewing machine, teacup, nail polish, Alice in Wonderland, the TARDIS; these are all things that make my heart happy! I also changed the layout so it's more streamlined and the banner is more centered. I'm trying to decide if I want a background of some sort on the sides or if I want to keep it simple and white. I guess blogs constantly evolve.

Now on to some serious inspiration! This week I've been saving Alice in Wonderland themed items to share and here they all are:

Lots and lots of ruffles and lace! I'd love to make this...maybe it should be my summer project?

This is a still from Bright Star, a gorgeous movie about a seamstress and a poet. Tons of eye candy.

I can imagine Alice getting married in this!

The costume designer for the latest movie was AMAZING! I haven't even begun looking at all the beautiful inspiring outfits.

More ruffles and lace! This one is a little more wearable and I HAVE to make this one! I think I'll find pretty white lace at a reasonable price and play around with dyeing it myself.

I love this whole photoshoot!

And the first polyvore I made, all things inspired by Alice mashed into one!

Items in this set:
Whitney crystal-embellished dress, $1,525
SHOP BY COLOUR - Pastels - Forever Unique, 150 GBP
Under the Seafoam Dress-Mod Retro Indie Clothing & Vintage Clothes, $215
Metallic Bubble Dress, $40 - Dresses - Casual - 2074072455, $20

I love the blogger tool! It automatically adds all the links for you.

Back in a bit with my WIP!
♥ Freckled Crafter

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