Monday, April 12, 2010

Show and Tell Week: Day 1...the vest of glory!

So I've decided that I haven't posted nearly enough of my own work on this journal. Therefor I declare this week show and tell week. Each day I'll be showing something I've made recently. This week is all knitting and thanks to lovely weather and lots of sun I've got relatively good pictures to show off.
First is something I've been working on for the past month. I finished it on saturday and it's just in time for a Doctor Who photoshoot I'm attending this weekend.

I used The Doctor Who Pattern Book by Joy Gammon with heavy modifications. First off I made it sans sleeves because majority of the time I'll be wearing the jacket over it and when I'm not there will be puffed or rolled up sleeves sticking out (I like doing a modified femme!five instead of classic to the T). I added alot of shaping in hopes of creating more shape because for whatever reason white cricket sweaters are generally not too attractive on me. It looks a little wonky here but when it's on it fits quite well, although I'd love even a little more negative ease. When it came to the neckline I did some odd short rows across the front and up the sides of the neck in order to get the right width and number of rows per color without alot of bulk around my neck. You can see this especially with the burgundy which should actually be brown but I took my own creative liberties with it. The original worn by Peter Davison WAS brown but it just looks burgundy to me.

(ooo, pretty cables are pretty!)

I used Knitpicks Bare Superwash for the off white and Telemark in black, poppy, and garnet heather. I've got 3/4ths a skein of superwash left and almost all of the three telemark yarns. I'm debating between the five hat on ravelry and making up my own wristwarmers (for when I eat celery, naturally!).

Overall I'm quite happy with it, it's quite soft and pretty, and if I can find the right pairing may actually wear it outside of cosplay once or twice. Pictures of me wearing it WITH costume this weekend after the shoot along with a full costume breakdown.

See you tomorrow with something else I knit up this weekend!
♥ Freckled Crafter

(Forgive my nerdiness, this gif was necessary)

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  1. Hello !
    I was planning to make that pullover myself as well, but the T shape looks very ugly on me (I am a girl, so yea..) Do you have, by any chance, instructions for your version ? and would you share it ?

    Also, i had a look at your blog, its very nice :D I like it ^^